Eva Fürst M.A.

I concluded my studies of English Literatures and Cultures with my master’s thesis on structural misogyny in doppelgänger scholarship and the subversive potential of the doppelgängerin in Anglophone literature. My research focus is gender and gender inequality, specifically the diverse ways in which classical gender roles can be deconstructed and subverted. In my work as a tutor and research assistant at the Department of English, American and Celtic Studies in Bonn, I was given the opportunity to contribute to the academic and administrative workings of the department. As a committed European citizen, I participate in the intercultural dialogue by coordinating the translations at 42 magazine. My internships at the LVR-Klinik Bonn and the Theatre in Bonn have expanded my interests to the social and artistic sector. Since 2016, the Bonn University Shakespeare Company e.V. provides a home to my creative endeavours. I am currently teaching a seminar at Bonn University titled “The Performativity of Gender and the Subversive Potential of Queer Fashion.”

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