VUKA Welt – Barcamp



[The event will be held in German]

Dialogue on the present and the future

We organise this bar camp in order to make the rapid changes, the unceritainty, the increasing complexity and the paradoxes of society and economy visible and understandable.

An example of a current paradox situation: The term “agility” is being used by companies as an answer to the rapidly changing economic environment. At the same time, companies are struggling to successfully implement the changes necessary to become an agile enterprise.

That is because agility is a term that suggests the illusion of comprehension while simultaneously causing confusion. Handling such paradoxes is difficult for many leaders.

Our bar camp addresses that difficulty and offers a perspective on the possibilities and chances that our complex world has to offer.

We want to encourage people to develop their own recommendation for action for their organisation (Company, public authority, associations). Our bar camp addresses ways to navigate an increasingly uncertain and complex  world in economy and society. Our twitter hashtag is #BCVUKAWELT

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