ibugi is an academic affiliated institute at alanus university located in Bonn. It is simultaneously a socio-entrepreneurial project. We are primarily concerned with education as the basic foundation of social and economic innovation. We work as a goal-oriented team which was initiated by Prof. Dr. Marcelo da Veiga.

To get a more visual impression of ibugi, please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=if9bWq1vkXs

We pursue education and research in the fields of educational philosophy, moral philosohpy, and social innovation. That entails the supervision of doctoral dissertations in said fields. Our pursuits and work takes place at alanus university as well as other universities and institutions.

We develop and organise innovative further education programmes in cooperation with partner organisations and companies.

We conduct the Centre for Social Entrepreneurship (CESEB) as our main project concerned with questions of positive social impact.

We provide advice to institutions and organisations on educational and developmental projects.

Our ibugi team works at the Eutopia Co-Working Space. We realise our goals and projects by means of thematically structured LABs and in cooperation with our partners. Ibugi is committed to the ideals of sustainable development as well as social and ecological responsibility. Ibugi encourages intensive exchange and collaboration among its coworkers while providing space for personal initiative and self-responsibility.


We realise our goals in diverse Labs and other projects. Here you can find an overview of our current activities.


See the events that take place within the scope of our projects as well as individual events and an overview of past events.


We enter educational partnerships with institutions that aim to develop further education programmes and realise them together with ibugi. A partnership has to be proposed to the institute director. In addition to institutional cooperation, ibugi collaborates with individual partners from a vast variety of fields, such as academia, the arts, economy, and the cultural sector.

Meet the team

Meet our creative team that develops, oversees, and implements projects at ibugi.